Since 1999, we have been providing production services for events which take place in many prestigious venues in the Bay Area and beyond. Working with classic and contemporary artists from Rock and Roll to Classical music, from Hip-Hop to Bluegrass, we have experience with all genres of musical entertainment, as well as corporate functions, panel discussions, temporary background music systems, and other events that simply require the amplification of the spoken word.  From some of the largest stages with tens of thousands of spectators to private functions with fewer than one hundred guests, we know what it takes to make YOUR event the best that it can be.


We Care

We are a small company that is committed to giving you the personal attention that we believe only a small company can offer.  We want your event to be nothing short of a perfect success, so we strive to provide the very best service we can, every single time.

We have the low overhead of a small company which allows us to be very price competitive, while offering the experience, equipment quality, and commitment of the larger companies. That translates into the service you deserve at a price you can afford. You can pay more elsewhere, but you won’t get better service anywhere!

Environmentally Conscious

We take advantage of new technology wherever possible, and always aim to make the lowest impact on our environment. We have recently begun fueling the diesel portion of our truck fleet with cleaner burning BioDiesel, which offers environmental as well as socio-economic advantages. Additionally, new advances in sound equipment technology allow compact, lightweight speakers to sound better than their refrigerator sized forefathers, and power amplifiers that offer more power to the speakers while consuming less energy and weighing MUCH less. From our speakers and amplifiers down to our microphone stands and road cases, we are always thinking of ways to be more efficient, lightweight, and compact, while heightening the quality of our sound and service. This allows us to minimize our needs for trucking, warehousing, manpower and electrical consumption. Thus, our service is more environmentally friendly and can be more affordable than our competitors, without compromise.

Sound Quality

FiremensOur concert systems are set up using  Tri-amped and quad-amped  configurations, offering the utmost in headroom, efficiency, and sound clarity. We use the renowned BSS-366T as well as EAW UX8800 system processors which allow us to take advantage of modern techniques, like bus-fed subwoofers, steep-slope digital crossovers, and EAW’s proprietary “Gunness Focusing” technology, resulting in a cleaner, more articulate sound. If all of this sounds Greek to you, it basically means that we take our sound seriously, and we enjoy what we do, which creates a better overall experience for everyone involved.




Of course we’re fully insured and have a long list of satisfied clients. We have also achieved honor roll status for our membership with the Better Business Bureau, so when you call on us not only do you get outstanding service, you also get peace of mind.

Call us today to discuss the details of your event!


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