We supply tri-amped and quad-amped speaker stacks for smooth coverage and great sound. We proudly stock Gunness Focused™ EAW KF and Electro-Voice QRX™ series mains, powered by QSC amplification which utilize their proprietary Powerlight™ technology. This combination makes up the foundation of our high headroom, high spl, low distortion sound systems which will astonish you with their detailed and articulate sonic characteristics while offering impressive volume and impact. Oh, and we’re proud to say our speakers and amplifiers are all made in the U.S.A.!


When it comes to mixing consoles, we prefer to take advantage of all of the modern advances that the digital realm has to offer. Digital consoles are packed with all of the tools we need and are a fraction of the size of their analog predecessors, and they can be operated by wireless tablet pc or even iPad® . Of course we also stock analog equipment to suit the preferences of visiting engineers.

We’ve configured the combination of our speakers, amps, and consoles to allow us to minimize our footprint and our setup time, so we can have the system ready for action and sounding great surprisingly fast with a minimum of manpower.


If you have an event and are expecting a couple hundred to a few thousand guests, contact us to go over your PA system needs, you’ll be glad you did.

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